Meet the team

  • Jason Parkin | Manor Homes

    Jason Parkin | Manor Homes

  • Duncan Botha | Manor Homes

    Duncan Botha | Manor Homes

  • Warren Parkin | Manor Homes

    Warren Parkin | Manor Homes

  • Justin van Niekerk | Manor Homes

    Justin van Niekerk | Manor Homes

  • Craig Parkin | Manor Homes

    Craig Parkin | Manor Homes

  • Jade Kearns | Manor Homes

    Jade Kearns | Manor Homes

  • Devon | Manor Homes

    Devon | Manor Homes

  • Jennifer James | Manor Homes

    Jennifer James | Manor Homes

  • Anton | Manor Homes

    Anton | Manor Homes

  • Luqmaan | Manor Homes

    Luqmaan | Manor Homes

  • Gideon | Manor Homes

    Gideon | Manor Homes


Owner, Manor Homes

I oversee the day –to- day running of the business. I ensure that the various sites run effectively and productively and make sure that house is delivered on time and in budget. I am involved in all the quotes and tenders and I spend a lot of with new customers and assist them to get started with their house from finance to finishing items.


Project Manager / Owner

I manage and surpervise all aspects of the single residential houses which are assigned to me incl the development sites with my site managers.
This entails programming all work coming up, ensuring specifications are in order, sticking to hand over dates and ensuring budgets are adhered to.
Ensuring a quality product, communicating to architects and engineers, dealing with clients, invoicing, paying wages, crisis management, health and safety, client complaints, quoting client upgrade requests, is also a part of my job.


Site Foreman

I am the Site Foreman at Croydon Olive and Vineyard Estate. I run the building of new homes for clients on behalf of Manor Homes from start to finish. Managing all sub contractors and making sure that they deliver a high quality of workman ship, and that a product of high quality is delivered above and beyond the clients expectations. Managing payments to sub contractors on a fort nightly basis. Negotiating with suppliers. Ordering of all materials for every project. Meeting with clients to discuss changes and taking those changes forward. Dealing with architects and engineers with regards to structural implementations.


Cost Estimator

Responsible for Bill’s of Quantities & Estimating and extra functions like Sitari Homes customer liaison. Prefers concrete over glass or wood because the solid concrete structures that are built here today will probably be here for our childrens, childrens children to see. Prefers it’s durability.


Project Manager

Worked for 10 years in the corporate world for Vodacom. I then worked in the Families Precast Concrete business for 5 years prior to taking up my current position as Project Manager at Manor Homes. Enjoys the challenges, pressure and ever changing environment. The freedom of working under the African sun in Khaki shorts and shades.


Bookkeeper and admin

Responsible for collection of quotes, scheduling meetings for Warren, once the Somerset Lakes developments get going she will be fulfilling the bookkeeping function for that project. Enjoys learning new things and has learnt quite a bit about construction. Enjoys a variety of tasks so working on a variety of things has been nice

Devin Ambrose

Site Foreman

Enjoys long days of summer and big waves for surfing during winter. Chooses concrete due to it’s versatility and fun to work with.



Responsible for bookkeeping and various admin tasks. Also prefers wood as it “represents life”. Appreciates the look and feel of a fine piece of driftwood.

Anton Landman

Contracts Manager

Enjoys walks and jogs in the mountain. Concrete is his choice of building material “Reliable. Solid. Strengthens and matures with age”

Luqmaan Allies

Contracts Manager

Loves spending time with his family and also enjoys spending time on the beaches of Cape Town. Wood is his choice of building material because creativity is endless.

Gideon van Heerden

Contracts Manager

Enjoys the freedom of being on his motorbike. Like those before him, concrete is his choice of building material. Why you ask? Because every house starts with concrete footings, slabs, decks etc.